St Laurence Cowley

Our Mission:

the Gospel.

Our mission is to share God’s unconditional love for all humankind. Sunday morning worship is organised around Bible reading and teaching. You are welcome in church on Sundays at 10am. Sign up here for the church’s weekly email news sheet.


What Christians say about Jesus

“Perhaps baptism really ought to have some health warnings attached to it: ‘If you take this step, if you go into these depths, it will be transfiguring, exhilarating, life-giving and very, very dangerous.’ To be baptized into Jesus is not to be in what the world thinks of as a safe place. Jesus’ first disciples discovered that in the Gospels, and his disciples have gone on discovering it ever since.” 
― Rowan Williams, Being Christian


What does Baptism Mean?

Baptism is your promise to God. You commit to following the teachings of Jesus. You can be baptised at any age. When a child is baptised their guardians and godparents make the promise on their behalf. You can only be baptised once. In the Church of England the next step is Confirmation.

What does communion mean?

The Last Supper was the first Communion. At the Last Supper Jesus shared bread and wine with the disciples. Sharing food together has been central to Christianity ever since. At St Laurence’s there is Communion every Sunday at 10am. Please contact the Church if you require Communion at home.

What does confirmation mean?

Confirmation is your chance to repeat the promise made at your baptism. The Confirmation service is a big event in the life of the Church. It usually takes place once a year and is run by the local bishop. At St Laurence’s our local bishop is the Bishop of Willesden.

what does prayer mean?

Prayer is spending time with God. It is talking to God about what matters to you. Prayer is also asking God to look after those who are in trouble or unwell. You can pray out loud, speak the words in your mind, meditate quietly or express your prayer through action. For some, dance is a prayer.


Booking a wedding

Check your eligibility: Email State your name, address, nationality and if you have been married before. If you do not live in Cowley parish please explain how you are connected to St Laurence’s.

To make a booking: Make an appointment to visit the church with your partner. You will fill out a banns form and make a deposit payment.

Weddings are on Saturdays only.

Booking a baptism

Baptisms take place on Sundays in the 10am service and at lunchtime. To check your eligibility please email

Funerals and churchyard

To book a funeral please ask your undertaker to contact the church.

Your stonemason must receive written permission from the church before carrying out works in the churchyard.

Only black stone plaques (12 inches by 12 inches) are permitted for ashes burials.