Diocese contacts

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Cowley parish is proud to part of the fantastic team at the Diocese of London! Please join us in praying for the Bishop of Willesden and the Bishop of London.

Bishop of Willesden’s office visit Bishop’s webpage

Archdeacon of Northolt’s office visit Archdeacon’s webpage

London Diocese biodiversity links visit the webpage

London Diocese jobs listing visit the webpage

London Diocese against slavery visit the webpage

Help fight slavery. Download the car wash app and save lives.

London Diocese safeguarding team visit the webpage or phone 020 7932 1224

London Diocese media enquiries on 020 7618 9106 or dioceseoflondon@luther.co.uk

London Diocese on Twitter @dioceseoflondon

London Diocese on Facebook https://m.facebook.com/dioceseoflondon

London Diocese on Vimeo https://vimeo.com/dioceseoflondon

London Diocese Data Protection Officer, London Diocesan Fund, 36 Causton Street, London, SW1P 4AU  GDPR@london.anglican.org or  020 7932 1100

Parish contacts

Parish office phone number 07928 089743

If you need to talk to St Laurence Cowley please use these contact details. Please note that due to a shortage of staff working hours all face to face visits must be booked in advance.

Parish office phone number: 07928 089743

Minister at St Laurence Cowley visit London Diocese directory entry

Lead church warden and safeguarding at St Laurence Cowley stlswarden@gmx.co.uk

Church warden at St Laurence Cowley warden2@gmx.co.uk

Admin office at St Laurence Cowley church@gmx.co.uk

Church safeguarding churchsafeguarding@gmx.co.uk